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Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Roleplayer’s Guild where I discuss various roleplaying games, which will generally be of the tabletop roleplaying variety and very often with a horror theme. This is because my current favourite games to run are Trail of Cthulhu and Nights Black Agents! This blogs main aim is to provide a welcoming space for people to talk about various roleplaying games. To that end, here is the comments policy of the site:

1) Be respectful as everyone has very different ideas and things that they think are the “correct” way to do things. Always remember that everything is one persons opinion and that there are many valid ways of achieving the same result.

2) Everyone is welcome here! This especially means not to engage in comments that would demean or make others uncomfortable or feel like they aren’t a wanted part of this community. Transphobic, homophobic, racist and similar remarks will simply see them booted entirely. This is a place for everyone to share their experiences and ask for advice!

3) Initial comments are moderated by default, so don’t fret if you write something and it doesn’t immediately turn up! Once a comment has been confirmed regular posting is acceptable after that. Avoid an excess of links though, because that will get caught in the filter and needs to be manually approved.

4) Absolutely no edition warring! Everyone has preferences, including me as I am still of the opinion that 4th Edition DnD was my favourite one, but I have got to the point where I am quite happy with my modified 5th Edition. Others may like 3rd Edition, Pathfinder, 2nd Edition or are even still sticking to 1st Edition DnD! Have your preferences but at least understand that others might see things entirely differently: As long as everyone at your table is having fun don’t allow anyone to tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

Other than these, I hope you enjoy your stay and that you find my various ramblings and rantings to be of value to your own games!