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One of the greatest things about living in Australia, or I guess if you’re petrified of eight legged friends, are the very large huntsman spiders that predominate around major cities here. These big spiders can have a leg span over 8″ or so, but are generally extremely gentle and pose zero threat to people: With the rare exception of a female defending her recently laid egg sac against intruders! This particular specimen was found under the blinds of my house while I was attempting to clean them. Naturally I had to fetch my camera, pick her up and commence a hot photoshoot!

Gray Huntsman

And yes, this marks the first appearance of my own hand on the blog as well. As you can tell she was a pretty big one! But again, despite the huge size, large fangs and hairy legs there isn’t a less threatening spider to people if you tried exceptionally hard to find one. As long as they aren’t jolted or roughly handled, a huntsman will basically never bite (again, the exception is defending eggs!). Even if you are bitten by a spider like this, the venom doesn’t pose a significant risk to a human being and shouldn’t be much of a threat. One complication that can arise from a bite are large swollen boils where the fangs penetrated, which may require you to seek medical treatment – but isn’t going to be life threatening.

These spiders are very useful in fact! Hate cockroaches? Large moths? Pest beetles? This is the primary diet of these spiders and they will eat any of them that they can catch! So make sure if you see one not to freak out, just catch them and release them back into the wild to do their holy work in stopping the cockroach menace!

Unless you’re in league with the cockroaches….