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Bush walking here in Australia is by far and away one of my favourite things to do, which is very handy if you’re also a fan of bugs. Because if there is one thing that the Australian bush is very good at it’s all kinds of bugs and so I always bring my camera with me. One day while walking through some mangrove swamp I happened across this Spotted Katydid, which is a particularly cool kind of large grasshopper/cricket (depending on your point of view).

I was also extremely lucky it turns out because this is still the only one of these particular guys I have actually seen here (at least in NSW).

Spotted Katydid

Aside from politely sitting on this plant for a photograph, this particular insect like the majority of bugs here in Australia is perfectly harmless despite the size. Even when handled to get a better angle for a photo it still didn’t try to bite or do anything untoward, which was happy for both photographer and insect alike.