Goodbye Sir. Pratchett.

From so very early on in my life, I can remember the inspiring writing, wit and towards the end, the tremendous courage in how you approached your illness as being genuine inspirations. It has influenced everything about me, from my personality, to the way I view the world and most of all my own writing. I have admired and loved the numerous characters that you have created – especially the Wizzard Rincewind and his ineffable Luggage, which follows him about everywhere – and I am sure if there is really any justice in an afterlife, that is where you have gone after death.

To spend more time with your brilliant creations, which you generously and kindly shared with all of us for all of these years. To share more adventures in Ankh Morpork and all the wonderful imaginative places that you devised. You gave them life and those who appreciated your works gave them endless love in return. No other author I can think of has returned that kind of love in the same way that you have, in your dedication to releasing 70 books in Discworld alone and continuing to develop your creations for fans and yourself alike.

I will miss you so unbelievably much, but I understand that you had to go and that nobody can fight an endless battle. You died properly, surrounded by those who loved you and with dignity – something I saw you often talk about in recent documentaries.

Thank you so much, for everything you gave me. For fantasies and stories that changed my life, which gave me so much joy and that allowed me to visit an incredible world that was a genuine privilege to experience. Even as I wipe away the tears that I cannot stop, I know that at least you now have total peace and that you go having accomplished so much, having given so much to so many through your wonderful creations.

I don’t have to say or write that you are going to be missed. Because you almost certainly know that you will be.

Rest in peace Sir Terry Pratchett.

You will always be spoken of, you will always be remembered.