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This is another one of those photos that I felt very lucky to have managed to get. This Blue Eyed Lacewing had been hiding just in this bush and I was able to part the leaves enough to get a shot at most of the face/body. Fortunately this photo turned out pretty good despite the circumstances, because once I tried parting them all the way to get the entire insect it promptly flew off!

Blue Eyed Lacewing

Lacewings are actually a really interesting kind of insect, as their larval forms tend to be predatory. They frequently cover themselves with debris or in an extreme case, the ant lion, bury themselves entirely in sand to ambush prey. The adults are often fairly large and have four wings like a dragonfly, but unlike a Dragonfly they don’t tend to have their four pairs of wings spread out from the body (Lacewings can hold their wings back like in the photo). Overall, I am looking to get some better photos of these guys in future and hopefully find some other species around here.