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One of my favourite comics about DnD at the moment by far is Table Titans. I approve of it for numerous reasons, such as the generally inclusive table and how the DM generally tends to think of some pretty unique twists. Most of all, I enjoy the times where the comic resembles my own games in some ways. For example, one thing that I have been taking a great interest in is how to use technology during roleplaying. The great thing about phones and such is that they are an excellent replacement to the good old fashioned sneaking notes about the table. Now any of my players can be “I am doing something nefarious!” and the others might not have the faintest clue. The comic had an excellent moment like that where two of the players organized an attack without bothering to consult the other player via text message to the DM.

Actually, that subject would be well worth a blog post by itself. In any event, go and have a look at Table Titans! It’s well worth it! Though I wish they would return to the story about the other “rival” group from encounters and what the deal with the relationship between two of the characters was…