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Just so you know, if you find spiders frightening at the best of times you do *not* want to click the “More” button. Albeit, I personally find that the Ogre Faced Spider, or “Net Casting Spider” is actually rather misnamed because they have the most amazing large and I shall say, quite enchanting eyes.

Ogre Faced Spider with net

This ambush predator takes being a spider to an entirely new amazing level. Instead of making a web and hoping something blunders into it, this spider carefully crafts a net made out of silk and then dangles upside down over insect walking routes. With its massive frontal eyes, it then carefully watches for anything that passes and jumps upon it! Then it quickly wraps up the prey and bites them with their very long jaws (the pointy bits under the face are the long chelicerae or mouth parts).

Side view

This side view of another kind of net casting spider gives more of an idea how the mouth looks.

Back view

In this view on the front of the spider (towards the bottom of the photo) you can see two little black dots, which are the rear eyes it uses to look out for things sneaking up on them (like photographers!). These spiders can get very very big. The biggest I have found from back leg to front leg was about 8″ or so, with a body of at least 3.5 to 4″. That’s almost as big as an adults finger! This next photo is another specimen sitting upon my arm near the elbow. This can give you an idea just how large they can actually get!

Spider on Elbow

Additionally these are the most placid spiders I’ve ever seen in my life. Every time I have picked them up they have never attacked or even threatened me, usually just hanging out on a finger or similar. One of them took up residence on my front door, thankfully being noticed by me before my wife (who possibly may have had a freak out at the sight of it).

Just bear in mind that despite the monstrous names, they’re actually really nice and deserve some love!