After looking at my calendar today, it suddenly occurred to me that this week (or around this time, the precise day has long been forgotten) is around the time that I was first exposed to the wonderful world of roleplaying. This would be 19 years ago! Ever since I first got to pick up some dice, play an incredibly short lived wizard who died horribly in the Tomb of Horrors* and then started to DM later on, I have always played roleplaying games as a hobby since.

Some of my games worked out well, others turned into complete disasters and there have been some sadly abandoned due to circumstances beyond my control. What matters in the end is that I love this hobby and the innumerable amounts of fond memories, great moments and even tragic failures it has given me is why I continue doing so. At the moment I currently run 4 games, albeit 3 on a biweekly schedule, across a variety of styles, genres and systems.

While it has often been hard work and taken hours of my spare time, which could have been spent playing video games or other things, I’ve always returned to this hobby. Ultimately, nothing beats real interactions with other people around a table in a story of my creation that we get to tell together. I find it a great experience and one I would not trade for any other, even when it doesn’t always work out right or goes entirely wonky for whatever reason. DMing has been a very great thing to do, has taught me many generally useful life lessons and given me some top notch organizational skills for managing people.

Most importantly, I thank all of the people who I have played with over the years – which I realize must be crossing over the 100+ mark by now, even with holding consistent groups for long periods – for their contributions to my games or just turning up in general! I hope there are many more great moments to come in future and that I continue to find the inspiration to keep doing this!

In any event, it’s a happy 19 years of Roleplaying… sometime this week or whatever! Party hats and cake for everyone! Isn’t that right party Chuul?

Party Chuul!

*Clack Clack*
Haha! That was a great one! Oh party Chuul, you always know the best jokes! Anyway, visualize some confetti and have some cake! There is more to come on the blog soon now that I have my migraine fun from the past week or so under control!

*It was a “retro” 1st edition game, before we moved onto the then current edition, AKA AD&D or 2nd Edition. Sir Slappy the Wizzard’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.