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Once while wandering around taking photographs, I noticed this strange thing peeking out behind a wall of silk in this tube. Confused, because it definitely didn’t look like a spider, I started to have a poke at it where it promptly ran away.

Peek a boo

Naturally I had to find out what this thing was.

I soon took the pole out of the ground and then gently removed the silk, then kind of hit it gently on the ground a couple of times. Sure enough the little fellow came out and this is what greeted me:


This strange creature is called a rasping cricket, so named for the strange rasping sound they produce to attract mates and to ward off pesky photographers. In addition to this, when I tried to handle it for a size comparison photograph the little thing immediately went on the attack!


Seriously, biting the giant pink creature shows a lot of gumption! Actually of the several specimens I have found they have all been extremely bitey, not that it hurts much because their mandibles aren’t that strong, but they are very quick to go on the offensive! The coolest thing about this insect of course is how I found it: They actually weave silk and use it to shore up their burrows/hidey holes from predators. Something that makes them pretty unique and I was really pleased to have found this particular insect – even if it did bite. A lot.

And yes, I put it back in the tube and replaced where I found it. After checking a couple of hours later there it was at its silken door, safely staring out at the sky going by above once more.