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Recently I noticed a new GUMSHOE system game coming out from Pelgrane Press called Timewatch. I was intrigued by the initial premise of basically being time traveling police officers, whose duty was to restore time to its rightful place by fixing the villainous schemes of different individuals.

Then I saw the cover art and I knew this was something I am going to get so into:

Timewatch Cover

Yes. That is a velociraptor with two people behind it fighting a T-Rex. I have no idea how this situation comes about fully, but all I know is I absolutely have to know the degree of ridiculous time traveling insanity this game does.

Some of the other art I found is equally wondrous:

Velociraptors vs. Laser Rifles always had a clear winner.

So great

I think this could rival DnD for having parties full of incredibly strange player character protagonists. Even though I’m still only vaguely aware of what this system lets you do, mostly in how the time traveling mechanics and investigative parts of the game will compare with say, Trail, I am already excited. There are just so many great villain and plot potentials for this kind of game. Additionally, the kind of tone it gives off right from the back will be a good relief from the gritty Shadowrun/Trail/DnD/Night’s Black Agents games I am currently running.

Definitely going to get this when it comes out.