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My most recent pair of roleplaying acquisitions:

Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion

Very keen to give these two games a try in future and give some thoughts on the guild! With some luck I will hopefully be able to acquire Force and Destiny’s boxed set and then somehow turn all three into some larger campaign. My initial impression of both boxes is that it seems to be very good and well thought out. I actually really love the presentation of the initial books and especially the wonderfully simple to follow pregenerated characters (which is a real relief given some others I have seen).

Possibly the oddest feeling that the game gives me is the unusual new dice it comes with. Both EotE and AoR use six, eight and twelve sided dice, but they have some unusual symbols and such on them instead of numbers. The symbols, once you’re familiar with what they are, seem easy enough to quickly determine what is going on and I will be interested to see how it goes with actual players. It seems that the dice aspect is one of the more controversial decisions with these boxed sets after doing some reading around. One really good thing I will say is the support from Fantasy Flight Games is fantastic. Both Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire have an extra free adventure to continue the basic one, plus some extra characters to download to add (if you have more than 4 players especially).

This is fantastic and is exactly what roleplaying games need. Anyway, more to come once I have tried out the adventures and system for myself!