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Some gremlins seem to have struck the guild and ensured that bugging about Friday was found thoroughly drunk on a park bench, having turned up a full day late to work. Our top men and women are looking into the issue now…

Of the various flying stinging things that I have seen in Australia, only this impressively sized hornet (about 6″ or so) gives me any real pause when I try to photograph it:

Hornet on Ground

Thankfully this one was so busy digging up dirt to later regurgitate to make its nest that I could get close enough (but not too close) to get a couple of nice shots.

Hornet Mid Air

Of the shots that I took, I’m oddly the most proud of this one because the insect is actually in flight here: Hence the blurred blue spot you can see next to the body. The fact that the body was so well in focus was something that I was really happy with especially. Of course moments after this shot was taken the hornet zipped away and went back to its nest. Thankfully, I had earlier found one of these critters nests and they were in the process of building it.

Hornet Nest

Of course there were actually a pair of them about here and they were not at all happy with the human standing below trying to point something at them. After getting off a few shots, I decided I’d had enough for the day and made a fairly hasty retreat before they became too much more aggressive (lots of wing fanning like displays in my direction as it was). Oddly enough, all of these photographs were taken on the same day and previous to this day, I’d tried for 2 years to photograph even one of them well.

Turns out it doesn’t just rain, it pours hornets.