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While wandering past a fence on my way to my scheduled weekend roleplays, I happened to notice something hiding under some leaves near a fence. After investigating, it turned out to be one of these interestingly colored insects: A Capricorn Beetle. The most notable thing about this fellow is the long sinuous antennae coming off the top of the head.

Capricorn Beetle on Fence

I am actually not sure if this bug is native to Australia, because generally these insects are found throughout north Asia and Europe. I suspect it could be a potential pest or interloper over here. Either way, here is an additional photograph of the critter so you can get an idea of the size (roughly 1.5″).

Capricorn Beetle on Hand

Like many bugs, this insect is not very aggressive and rather docile. The initial instinct of the animal was to seemingly hide and try to remain as still as possible, even after being picked up. Unfortunately for it, this strategy didn’t work well because after I put it back under the leaves it then decided to run away. Where an inquisitive bird ate it shortly after. Goes to show that sometimes putting your photography subjects back where you found them doesn’t always work out…