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Hmmm. There is something going on here with this map for the game Cthulhu Wars, about warring factions of great old ones. Can anyone else spot it?

Cthulhu Wars 3 player map

If you haven’t noticed it yet, possibly because you are not from Australia or New Zealand, it’s that the lower left continent in the game has been called “New Zealand”. Notably, right over Australia. That will certainly cause some rankles for sure, given that most games that bother with down under usually label Australia and not New Zealand.

But don’t worry my fellow Aussies, the 5-player map restores Australia to its rightful place as an island near New Zealand. It’s also apparently some very deliberate trolling on the part of the creator of the game, which sadly may not survive until the full release. The one time New Zealand steals something from Australia, which just results in the Aussies nicking it right back again.