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One of my favourite things about photography is capturing hard to get subjects or exposing details on smaller creatures. In this particular case, I was very lucky to photograph this small blue dragonfly at a billabong (enclosed reedy pond here in Australia). Even though it looks large in the photographs, this fellow or lady is actually really small: Only about 1″ long and incredibly thin (well under 0.5cm wide). Unfortunately they also had a degree of paranoia inversely proportional to the tiny size: Any approach that disturbed a leaf or reed would be met with a quick retreat.

Tiny Blue Dragonfly 1

Eventually though as evident from the previous photograph and the one below, I was able to sneak up close enough to a frequent landing spot to get two very good shots.

Tiny Blue Dragonfly 2

Getting good photos of insects or flying animals can be very difficult, especially if they are prone to being paranoid or flighty (no pun intended). One good way to get around this is to take your time and observe how the animals are behaving for as long as you can afford. What I noticed by doing this was the dragonflies returning again and again to a particular perch where this frond was. This meant that by aiming my camera there and being patient, not to mention extremely still, that one of them would land there.

A few quick photos later and I had several good shots of these elusive flying beauties!