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Recently visiting Pelgrane Press’ site I couldn’t help but notice this:

Trail of Cthulhu: Apocalypse

This isn’t actually a genuinely “new” product, because it’s actually a compilation of The Apocalypse Machine, Dead White World (an excellent adventure by all accounts) and Slaves of the Mother. There is some new material in the book as well in the form of some new investigations, but I am still super excited to have a physical copy of The Apocalypse Machine (which I only own in PDF form). I actually have a lot of trouble “reading” PDFs and find it a difficult process compared to an actual book, so I’m more than happy to re-buy Apocalypse Machine just to have it physically.

The fact I’m willing to do this should be taken as a tacit endorsement as to the quality of the material in the book. The Apocalypse Machine actually came out quite a while ago and features what the title suggests: A mythos or alien apocalypse leading to most of humanity being consumed, enslaved or worse. You have your choice of flavor of “Being there right in the thick of the apocalypse” or “Several years afterwards and dealing with the aftermath”. For the most part the interesting addition in this book are the new options for investigatiors, such as psychic powers and strange mutations (which veer towards being generally horrible).

By far my favorite thing in the book is the apocalypse that is essentially the day of the triffids, but more Cthulhu Mythos flavored. There is also one that is distinctly more War of the Worlds in the way it occurs if you want that as well. It’s actually all very well done and presents a really different feeling setting to a standard Cthulhu campaign, where there is hope of preventing exactly what is happening in this. It’s well worth running just to give players a suitable motivation for a standard game to see what *might* eventuate if they fail. Another really good use of this book is continuing a game your players actually lose.

Instead of going “Everyone dies”, have them live through the apocalypse and see who lives or dies. Then have them modify the survivors appropriately or create new characters. One campaign I’ve always wanted to run, is that the investigators fail and then subsequent survivors of the apocalypse need to find their predecessors. Eventually trying to piece together how they failed and finding some way – any way – of potentially changing history.

In any event, I am super excited about this book and I can’t wait to get it for myself!