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Mice and Mystics

I have wrote about my eternal love for Geek and Sundries Tabletop series on youtube before, which has already introduced me to the fantastic Dread in the past. When a preview indicated Wil would be playing a board game, which combined a lot of light roleplaying elements and had cooperative gameplay, I was immediately invested. That the game is about royal guards, who have been turned into adorable mice and yet still attempt to save their kind, was the twist I needed to be really interested. So I was very excited to finally see the first episode of the series come out and I was not disappointed.

So watching this made me really want to get this game, but most importantly was how I liked the simple mechanics and interesting cooperative mechanic. This looks like the kind of game that if you’re not sure if you would enjoy roleplaying, but wanted something that didn’t require the investment (such as time) to begin, would be a great place to start for anyone. Especially because it has a very intuitive core system inherent in it and comes with everything to make playing it easy (tiles, models, dice etc). Partly this is due to being a board game first and RPG second, but the ease of play is something that I have often criticized various traditional “beginner” roleplaying products for not doing.

The best thing about this game, is that it’s very clear to me how easy the transition would be from the cooperative board game structure to having a DM. The DM usually takes care of how the monsters (or antagonists) act each turn and how to adjudicate the rules (usually fairly). Of course in Mice and Mystics, the “board” is the DM and follows a set of rules as to how monsters (and similar) act. I feel this is actually quite useful because someone new to the idea of DMing, could find this the sort of product to ease that transition from playing to running the game.

It also helps that even with my roleplaying agenda in mind, this still looks like an incredible amount of fun just on its own merits. So I’m going to have to go and give it a try!