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Tome of Answers

After my many years of experience running various games, I’ve often had people ask various questions about how to run games, dealing with various problems and so forth. As this blog has a primary purpose of trying to help new and experienced DMs with their games, I’ve decided to open up a new feature called “Ask the Guild”. Essentially you can ask questions about whatever you want like:

What’s a good RPG to start with?
How do I build an interesting encounter?
What do I do about a situation between players at my table?
Do you have an idea how to run this kind of game?

And so on. Essentially anything you like that is roleplaying related, including the often sticky topics of what to do about problems with players – or even when the DM seems to be the problem! Questions can be left as a comment on this feature, which I will gather up and then begin answering (roughly every Thursday or Saturday, depending on how difficult the question is to answer). There are other methods of getting in contact with the guild as well including:

  1. The about page has an email contact.
  2. Should you like facebook, there is a facebook page for you to like and leave messages on!
  3. Tweet short questions to me directly on twitter as well.
  4. The guild can also be found on tumblr, which is also where I tend to reblog a lot of great art!

Really complicated questions might get elevated into entire features under longer pieces, like Narrative Thoughts or Training Day as well – so don’t worry if we don’t get to a question immediately! Also note that all questions will be answered anonymously, unless whoever is asking really wants to be identified!

I look forward to taking questions and helping sort them out!