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Yesterday my amazing wife got me an incredibly thoughtful present, which she had actually put on pre-order after how upset I was when Sir Terry Pratchett passed away. When it arrived and I opened it up, I was highly excited and a little overwhelmed at seeing this:

His last book

This is of course the final book that Sir Terry Pratchett wrote before his death, which gives it a special significance for me. It’s very appropriate that the first book I ever read of Sir Pratchett’s was the first of his discworld novels, The Color of Magic and now the last one I would read is The Shepherd’s Crown – his final novel. I’m really excited to get into this book and see how his final novel turned out for myself. Most importantly, it’s a great reminder of a fantastic author who is sadly no longer with us anymore.

Minding, even though Sir Pratchett is gone now, as he once wrote in Going Postal “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”