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If there is one thing I love about Australia, it’s the abundant and vibrant array of wild animals that can be commonly encountered in your own backyard. In this particular case while bringing out the laundry, a hiss from underneath the house drew my attention instantly. Naturally I packed my dacks* initially, thinking it to be a brown snake (it’s highly angry and extremely venomous) but my initial fear turned into delight when I saw this fellow:

Blue Tongue!

This is a Blue Tongue Lizard! Aside from being incredibly cute and not likely to send me to hospital, it immediately demanded a photo session!

Here is a closer up photo:

Closer photo

After observing it a while, I thought it was actually sick or unhappy, because other than the initial hiss it didn’t seem to do much. Upon walking a bit closer, the lizard immediately turned around and looked at me:


With another hiss confirming that yes, it was alive and was just happily sunbaking. At least until the strange pink thing wandered up to it. At this point the blue tongue decided to start showing me its tongue, which it would only do once I got about a foot or so away from it. Naturally I was happy to get this photo:

Blue Tongue

The naming convention of this animal is quite obvious, if highly appropriate. After snapping a few more photos I went and found a nice cherry tomato. Cutting it in half I then gave it to the beast as a reward for putting up with my photography. It’s actually still under my house and usually sunbakes here (where the photos were taken), or on a rock on the other side of the house. It seems particularly fond of the snails that congregate on that side of the house as well, which suits me rather well.

Australia’s reptilian friends are truly great! In fairness, a part of me was wondering if it had been a brown snake if I could have got some good photos of it or not…

*Underpants, for those of you from overseas confused by the term.