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Doing some gardening today, I was digging up the garden when I noticed a hole in the ground. After carefully inspecting it, I realized it was the hole of a wolf spider of some description and decided to “relocate” the owner to a safer place (as we were digging up the garden). Taking my spade, I cut around the hole and then pulled up the dirt, where the owner scurried away!

But I was quicker and a hot photography session began!

Small Burrowing Wolf Spider Back

This is the back of the spider, which is a small Burrowing Wolf Spider. She was not that happy to have been taken out of her hole, but much better than potentially being crushed by churned up dirt or dropping bark.

Cute face!

Awww who is a cutie with a cute face! After taking a good photo from the front, I decided to put her near some holes created previously by lawn ornaments (which have been moved on). Here she can re-establish a nice secure burrow and I can do my gardening without harming a wonderful little critter.