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On a trip to the local hardware store to get sealant and something to make a bird bath, I noticed some movement in the garden department. Being quick on the draw I followed it to the source, where I noticed it was a strange looking cricket. Immediately I caught the animal and popped it in my bird bath, then returned it home for some photographs.

Mole Cricket!

This happy critter is a Mole Cricket and they like to burrow into the dirt, hence why the forelimbs are actually really powerful digging claws. When held in my hand – not too much to hurt it but definitely trap it – the insect is so powerful it can literally push its way out of my fingers!

Side View

Unlike other crickets, these guys don’t really jump and instead prefer burrowing to eat delicious grass roots (which is why people regard them as pests!). Otherwise this is a friendly insect and won’t pose you any harm, unless you’re really into your grass of course. In many ways I got very lucky to capture this creature, because they are normally very hard to find unless it’s pitch black at night and in the middle of wet grass (where they like to chirp for a mate).

Naturally after the photography session I let it go in a nearby park, where it can continue its search for food and avoiding spiders in peace.