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When I first saw one of these monitor lizards (Goanna’s) for the first time, I was quite taken back by how blaze most of the locals treated them. This lizard, which is around 3′ or so in length and my understanding is they get bigger, was wandering around a BBQ/Camping ground. People had their kids running around and were happily cooking sausages, while these animals were wandering around the vicinity. Naturally other than the confusing and somewhat concerning feeling it gave me, I decided to get close enough to take some photos:

Near full length photo

I feel that it must just be the fact I am from a tiny island where we don’t have lizards this big (skink sized, yes), but it seemed to take an instant dislike to me and the camera. Or perhaps it thought I had sausages on me. Either possibility was disconcerting, but it did mean I got a good shot of him having a look at me.

Goanna eyeing me up

At this point, I decided it was time to go back to the car and look at something I can deal with, like a large angry spider of some sort. Minding, now that I have a more powerful camera, I feel that there could be a future visit back here. Hopefully they’ve improved their attitude to photographers before then.