So most of you have probably noticed by now that I’ve been quiet for quite a long time. Mostly this has been because I’ve been so busy with my other writing projects, I just haven’t had the time to be able to sit down and contribute on this blog. This is going to change in the new year and there will be regular content once again for you to enjoy. Of course, there are going to be some changes to what that content is and it’s a good time to talk about it now.

Firstly, I’m going to be expanding the scope of this blog a bit to talk about board games and miniatures games as well. Most notably, the Guildmaster over the past few months might have become a bit obsessed (just a bit) with the X-Wing Miniatures game:

 photo 20151210_171437_zpsdpcfmb5k.jpg

Just a bit! So every now and again I might talk about this game, how to implement the miniatures from Armada and X-Wing into the Star Wars RPG and other ideas.

Secondly and most importantly, will be a change to the majority of content on this blog: Play reports are going to cease. While I understand there are people who enjoy following play reports, I’ve decided after analyzing the sites traffic and how impenetrable they become over time to new readers to cease doing these. I will of course be talking about the things my players did, how I reacted and similar – but in a way that is more generally useful advice. Every now and again I will do a “The story so far” kind of post, which explains how I am designing the story, characters and plot arcs of my games – but these will be designed to help DMs make their own.

In terms of content, I want to steer this site towards giving advice and helping DMs build their games, stories and worlds. Likewise, I also want to do far more reviews of different RPG books – like finally getting around to talking about why I liked Rise of Tiamat so much –  board games, X-Wing ships and similar. I also intend to continue my writing on various other topics, such as on making more inclusive gaming spaces and how to take themes or ideas from other media (like video games) for use in tabletop games.

In any event, I hope this explains the long “silence” so to speak but I hope you come back for 2016, where I hope to return to much more regular content/posting.

Have a happy new years and we will see you in 2016!