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Tome of Answers

With my writing under control and the blog starting to come back into action, I am going to restart the regular Ask the Guild column on this site! I already have questions in place to begin with, but as always I am happy to have more for the future! So if you have a question here’s where you can get in touch with the guild:

  1. The about page has an email contact.
  2. Should you like facebook, there is a facebook page for you to like and leave messages on!
  3. Tweet short questions to me directly on twitter as well.
  4. The guild can also be found on tumblr, which is also where I tend to reblog a lot of great art!

Really complicated questions might get elevated into entire features under longer pieces, like Narrative Thoughts or Training Day as well – so don’t fret if I don’t immediately answer!

Hope you all enjoy the return of Ask the Guild!