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While on one of my numerous walks around the wonderful nature paths around where I live, I happened to spot this Kookaburra sitting on the rail to the track. Initially I took a lot of photos at quite a distance, but then when I noticed it wasn’t paying me that much heed, I decided to get close. How close?

 photo 20160314_144047_zpsk67acpzb.jpg

Pretty close.

Astoundingly, I was actually then able to pat the Kooka for a bit, which is a wild animal incidentally and got this shot of it looking right at me!

 photo 20160314_144035_zpsjq424gag.jpg

If only I had a tasty grub or something similar I could feed it! In any event, I was pretty happy to get this close to the animal and to get some of the shots I did. I was not aware wild Kooka’s were this friendly at all.