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So Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars movie spin offs, has a trailer out now and it looks pretty gritty compared to the other movies I have to say.

While I am pretty enthused for this, I have to admit a lot of my excitement has more to do with other potential uses for the films material. For one thing, Rogue One is set back in the original trilogy of films time line, so it gives more details, world building and potential characters/places to explore for a Star Wars RPG campaign. Not to mention that I’m awfully fond of FFGs X-Wing miniatures and Armada, both of which take a lot of their new ships from the movies. I spent a great deal of time trying to see what potential new ships might come out of Force Awakens, for example.

Sadly the Force Awakens didn’t really have a lot of new material for either of those games, so I am hoping that Rogue One delivers a few new fighters. Hopefully it will manage to be a good movie as well!