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While on a late night walk at one of the beaches near my house, I couldn’t help but notice the inhabitants of the little holes in the ground had come out for a midnight feast. Getting close, I found they would always immediately duck down into the hole, making photography rather difficult. So with some guile and cunning, I was able to catch one for a couple of photographs. These ghost crabs are very cute!

 photo 20160405_202019_zpssxj8degs.jpg

Being fond of crabs, this was a pretty neat animal to actually photograph. Especially because photographing them during the day requires digging them out of their holes, which does feel a bit cruel as well (they spend so long preparing them!).

 photo 20160405_202027_zpsqklvnuuw.jpg

I particularly like the fact one claw is substantially bigger than the other, which gives the crab a distinct personality. Knowing that crabs can be quite sensitive to stress, as soon as I was done with these photographs I put it back to scuttle into its hole to recover. Such a lucky opportunity!