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Tome of Answers

On this weeks ask the guild, people wanted to know more about me for some reason and so I’ve decided to just collate a few of the more commonly asked questions. So, here we go!

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from New Zealand, but I now live in Australia – hence the pictures of gigantic spiders.

How old are you and are you female?

Oddly enough, I get “Are you female?” quite a lot, but no, I’m male and in my 30s. I would have thought that my manly hands in various bug photographs would have given it away. I’ve been roleplaying for quite a while, so I’ve also been around for a bit as well! I’ve been roleplaying for 20 years now actually and combined with my curmudgeonly age, adds a distinct sense of style to my games these days.

What’s with all this feminism and [insert progressive rights issue here] on the blog?

Because I play with a very diverse group of players, which includes more women than I’ve had in the past, I’ve been learning a lot from them about how people who, well, aren’t like me are treated. As a result I take a considerable interest in how LGBTQIA, minorities and women are treated in games (and by the gaming community in general). For one thing, I think writing more diverse characters from perspectives I hadn’t considered before has improved my storytelling dramatically. For another, as I’ve mentioned in the past, it really matters to my players who I treat my female characters and minority NPCs. People who are like themselves and are reflected in the way I write in my games helps them in a lot of ways. So if this blog gets a bit all social justice now and again, it’s probably a reflection of my interests in that area.

You tend to post really infrequently, are you getting any kind of schedule?

Generally speaking, this is always because this blog is entertainment for me and free advice for everyone who comes. It doesn’t support me in any way and so whenever I have work that pays me, as in professional writing, I always put it aside to focus on that. This isn’t to say this blog isn’t valuable and I love giving advice to people, but I need to be able to sustain myself so I can continue doing so! Even if I do disappear for a while, I will always be back eventually as I love sharing my stories and experiences in roleplaying with others.

I am really looking forward to you finishing your review of Rise of Tiamat, is that still coming.

One of these days. I am aware that my review of Hoard of the Dragon Queen is among my most viewed and regularly viewed articles on the site. So it’s definitely something I’m looking into writing. Sorry it’s taking so long, but one of the problems with delaying the review has come back to haunt me: I need to find my notes from playtesting and re-read some of the material to fairly review it. It will one day appear on the site, possibly before the Cthulhu apocalypse. Or it might be the heralding of that apocalypse.

We’ll have to see.

Well that’s all for this week I feel, so if you have a question here’s where you can get in touch with the guild:

  1. The about page has an email contact.
  2. Should you like facebook, there is a facebook page for you to like and leave messages on!
  3. Tweet short questions to me directly on twitter as well.
  4. The guild can also be found on tumblr, which is also where I tend to reblog a lot of great art!

Really complicated questions might get elevated into entire features under longer pieces, like Narrative Thoughts or Training Day as well – so don’t fret if I don’t immediately answer!