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When I was running 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, there was always one thing I would do when I needed inspiration for a new character or monster: Look at the amazing art people do for Magic the Gathering. For those few of you who haven’t ever engaged with magic before, it’s a competitive card game made by Wizards of the Coast, who also make DnD. Magic has a very long and deep history, with some amazing world building purely done through different card releases. Shadows Over Innistrad will be the 70th release of the game and they’ve given some promotional art that is truly amazing, which I noticed that Kotaku had posted.

I’m just going to put a few of my favourite pieces below:

 photo rvhv4xetbh0bzxxupebl_zpsybqemspq.png

 photo thcts81hgijbbqfjifuy_zpsyjyzu6p2.png

 photo bvi2si1wv9gwfp2snmxd_zpskamvrizj.png

 photo wfptwedn2xfjqfjhknl9_zpsfxzwbusb.png

 photo ktfwfc9zflzprqvvwqvo_zpshppkdxcu.png

 photo bvpqk8mab42cjrdziwm9_zpsbweksium.png

With such inspiration, I wonder if I can take an earlier module and idea I ran last year for 5th Edition DnD with this art, produce an update to it that fixes some of my original problems with it? This is of course the benefit of amazing art like this, the inspiration it can give you for our own games and antagonists. Not to mention that what I’m seeing of this does kinda make me wish I still wanted to play magic again. Note that there are more images at the above link, I only took a few of my favourites.

Looking at this and many other pieces of art made for Magic the Gathering, it really makes me pine for Wizards to leverage this setting into Dungeons and Dragons. Magic has an incredibly deep amount of lore and would be a prime place for adventuring in, but sadly Wizards have always been very insistent on keeping their Magic and DnD properties separate. Generally speaking, I feel there is some degree of “Keep your stuff away from my stuff” going on there and that’s a real shame. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be hard to convert things that DnD has already created onto various Magic settings or creatures. Perhaps that may even be a subsequent post here!