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So this week I was walking through the woods late at night, when I noticed something hidden within the branches of a tree. Examining it, I noticed a sight I hadn’t seen before: A funnel web! She was sitting just on the outside of the burrow, waiting for anything dumb enough to pass by her. One of the most dangerous spiders in Australia, I was immediately excited and started plotting how to get a photograph. Thankfully, because she made her nest in the arch of a tree, it wasn’t that hard to get right up to it without disturbing the spider.

Unfortunately, a last minute problem with my phone meant I couldn’t get the photo that night but the next night I went back. Finally, I was overjoyed with success:

 photo 20160419_193141_zpspgvtb9jo.jpg

Super happy with the way this photograph came out, especially because the spider is really flighty. I don’t believe this to be the same as the infamous Sydney Funnel Web, due to the size and lack of aggression, but there are multiple kinds of Funnel Web in Australia. Most of them are just as poisonous, but thankfully bites are rarer due to their lack of aggression (comparatively). Either way, this was a great find and I was super fortunate to be able to get such a good photo.