Hello everyone, as you have undoubtably noticed by now, the Guild hasn’t been active for quite some time. This is really not because I lack enthusasim for roleplaying anymore, especially as I’ve started and been successfully running three games for the past month as it is. Mostly it’s an issue to do with the amount of time I have now as a writer, because the amount of professional work I have and the writing I do for the three games I do run just ensures blog time, just isn’t there. This of course is possibly not the true end of the guild, because I have so much more that I would want to do and write here. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time and everything else I want to do just keeps relegating this blog.

For a time, this blog was my most important outlet for my writing and the career I wanted. I am proud of the posts on this blog and I hope that anyone coming now, even if we’re a bit quiet, can still get a tremendous amount out of some of the things I have written. Even though the guild may not be active anymore, I can still be reached by email though the “Contact the Guild” heading up above near the title. I thank everyone who has come to this blog, shared the posts and contributed to making this a wonderful experience for me.

It is just unfortunate that while I love sharing my knowledge, experience and ideas with others, it takes a considerable amount of my time. Time unfortunately that I’ve decided needs to go into making my current games the best I can run and of course, my actual professional writing that helps me pay the bills!

One day perhaps, I will be back, but for now the guild is closing the doors. But as we all know from countless experiences in roleplaying games, a closed door can certainly always be opened. Or occasionally, kicked down instead.

The Guildmaster.