So by this point you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been unusually quiet for a while. So firstly to alleviate some worry, no I’ve not gone anywhere and the guild is still firmly alive. What’s happened is that I’ve recently acquired a super exciting opportunity in life to expand my professional writing, which takes absolute precedence over everything else. As I like to put high quality content/thoughts on the guild, it means that I’ve not really had the time to contribute content here as I would like.

This is also combined with resuming another previous job, moving countries and many other factors! Including, but not least of all, still continuing to run the games that I do! As a result, I’ve put aside content on the blog to “When I manage to scrape time from literally nowhere to do so!”. Don’t worry though, where possible I’ll still try to put up the odd post and ensure that there will be further articles – they will just be extremely sporadic in future.

Once I get more time for writing – probably around December – the guild will pick back up to a more normal pace!